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  Update [7/23] Hydra is here, as well with some other small updates.
Posted by: Roger - 07-24-2019, 01:47 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (170)

Hi and thank you all for playing RevengePk, Lately we have been very busy listening to your request, and fix issues you see fit while adding content we know you will enjoy. With that being said to add to the list of ever growing fun, we bring you some fresh content Enjoy  Big Grin 

Alchemical Hydra
Requirement - 95 Slayer
Location- Near the ::hydra command
Drops- Ferocious gloves, Brimstone Ring, Dragon Hunter Lance Drop rate is 1:512
Pet drop rate is 1:600
[Image: dd386a0a808137fb54a890f7ebbba999.png]

Sarachnis Cudgel
The Sarachnis Cudgel is a new crush weapon that just entered OSRS. You can now find it at the BM shop for 250k BM.
[Image: 5d8f15cc265b2b2bd30ac8bd0a3d3bd7.png]

Content + Bug Fixes
  • Added when Redskulled/Skulled and risking more than 5k Blood Money at Revs, you will gain a 10% Drop Boost
  • Added command to check your drop rate, ::droprate
  • Added Healer, Collector, Attacker, and Defender icons to the Donator Shop
  • Fixed Bracelet of Ether so you dont take damage from Revs, before while wearing you you took damage. 
  • Fixed Ironman now they wont be able to trade.

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Bug [7/22]Wilderness Chests,Slayer tomes,Bug fixes....
Posted by: Goon - 07-23-2019, 04:42 AM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (1)

Hello everyone thank you for playing! Today I have brought you some nice updates!
Wilderness Chests
There are currently 4 wilderness chests with 4 different wilderness keys that can be used at the moment. (Yellow,Blue,Green,Red)
The wilderness keys are dropped from wilderness bosses including (Scorpia, Crazy Arch, Chaos ele, Chaos fanatic, Callisto, Venenatis)
These keys can be used in different spots of the wilderness that are listed below. Rewards are 15K BM and 5% chance at these items (Elder Maul, Ags, Spirit Shield)
The locations for the chests can be as followed
         Red chest (North of ::chaos)
         [Image: 9243f5e22f8587a71c4d3c2794614b1b.png]
         Green chest(North east of Wilderness Agility Course)
         [Image: f067384681474f44bf981703c8e9c825.png]
         Yelllow Chest(North east of ::44s)
         [Image: ecffd12d375390c82cc67fee003b56d2.png]
         Blue Chest(North of ::chins)
         [Image: 0bd53e17b98de9afd52c02bfa7f92c2f.png]

Content+Bug Fixes
  • Added slayer tomes which are dropped from any slayer monsters at a rate of 1/50 and give 50k slayer exp and blood money ranging from 1-5k.
  • Added collector's necklace in donator shop that banks all item drops from npcs that are outside of the wilderness.
  • Added ::heatmap and ::hiscores. Heatmaps will be able to show you where majority of our server player's are located. Hiscores should be self explanatory and they are separated from Ironman and Normal players.
  • Fixed PJ Timers in most zones like Safe Pk, Highrisk, Hybrid, etc... so now it will act accordingly like Edgeville providing protection after kills and increasing the PJ Timer how it should be.
  • Added some slayer heads into the BM Shop for 25k each and they can be attached to your slayer helmet.
  • Fixed Edgeville Ditch Boundary and now the first two steps will be safe.
  • Fixed the Tournament roam distance causing players to bug out in ::tournament. Also another Tournament will not start if one is already active.
  • All titles should now show up as the color RED.
  • Fixed a raids issue making players not be able to walk also removed the kill count requirement.
  • Dex and the Arcane scrolls are now in the BM shop and they sell for 500k ea.
  • Made the price of SGS 45k instead of 15k in the BM Shop.
  • Skilling tokens can now be sold to the BM Shop for 35BM each.
  • Armadyl godsword has now been added to the Pure Tournament chest.
  • Whip/Ags/Claws have now been added to the DH Tournament chest.
  • KBD has been buffed and now can be hit through magic sometimes.
  • Obsidian Armour has now been added to the BM Shop.
  • Removed the Random Event
  • Nerfed the T-bow a bit.
  • Added back in the Profile system that can be found in the Quest Tab.

So Whats Next?
At Revenge we have big plans in store and the next type of content we currently have in the works include many things.

Player Owned Shops
Player owned shops are currently finished and being tested by a few people offline currently to make sure the push goes as smooth as possible without bugs! Expect
to see player owned shops within 1 - 3 days.
[Image: b1a76797a2655ef02e40af320c735309.png]

You decide the next major content update!
The next piece of content that I should begin working on besides bug updates will be polled in by you guys what do you want to see next??? A few things I have in mind are LMS(Last Man Standing), Construction, Clan System(Register clans,Clan Tournaments, etc...)
Please post below what you plan on seeing in the game! I have read all your suggestions on discord as well and will begin on adding those in as well! Something I missed from this bug update that really needs fixing? Tell me! Thank you again for playing Revenge everyone!
- Goon

[Image: bfbg.jpg]

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  [7/11] Updates & Bug Fixes
Posted by: Revenge - 07-11-2019, 09:44 PM - Forum: Server Updates - Replies (1)

Hello Revenge PK community, a major update has been done along w/ some bug fixes!
The client will update automatically when you try to connect, if it does not. Download the client manually through the forums

- Hit List have been added
The hit-list is pretty self explanatory, you will be able to put blood money on another opponents head & Once they are killed; whoever killed them will receive the amount of blood money listed by the players name. 
[Image: y9dmLts.png]

- Surge spells have been added
[Image: Q6nhT8N.png]

- Ironman mode has been added
[Image: U6iMCFs.png]

- Black Chincompas & Hydra bones added in the blood money shop
- Bronze, Adamant, Rune bars + Air Orbs added into the skilling shop
- Elder choas druid gear now in the blood money shop
- New items have been added into the vote reward shop
- Raid token reward shop added again to ::raids
- All prayers now unlocked in tournaments
- Fishing spots are now avaiable at the skilling island
- Donator benefits have been double checked and are correct

-Goon 100%

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  [7/7] Bug fixes & Improvements
Posted by: Revenge - 07-07-2019, 09:08 PM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hello Revenge PK community, a few game changes have been made as-well as some bug fixes!
The client will update automatically when you try to connect, if it does not. Download the client manually through the forums

- Avernic Defender is now dropped by Jungle Demon [1/1000] 
- Toxic staff now dropped by Ice Queen [1/500]
- Inferno cape is now dropped by Skotizo [1/500]
- You now recieve Fire Cape when killing Jad [100% Chance]
- World Event times reordered
- New Skilling island
- Equipment stats interface OSRS style
- ALL slayer monsters drop Blood Money
- Now only need 10 Kills for Raids
- Corrected Imbued heart timer
- Crystal Key chest is now added
- No longer need to be a donator to skill at skilling zone
- Tormented Demon health buffed
- Donator Zone teleport now fixed
- Gambler removed
- Extreme Donator+ can use ::bank
- Wilderness Resource Area gives double XP
- Training Rapier Str & Accuracy buffed
- Toxic staff now available in store
- Legendary+ Donator can now set title

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Posted by: Revenge - 06-22-2019, 02:40 PM - Forum: Server Updates - No Replies

Hello Everybody! Welcome to RevengePK. Are you tired of joining different RSPS looking for, "the one"? Well, your search ends now!
Here at RevengePK we have a dedicated team here to provide the best experience possible. We have been in development for months to formulate the best content avalable in a RSPS. We have dedicated hosts for maximum uptime  
Looking to PK?
You've come to The right place. We are the only server that offers a flawless combat system. We have the cleanest switches available in the Rsps community and a growing Pk community.
Looking to Boss?
Well, look no further! At RevengePk, we have countless bosses and our own raids! 
We Are Hosting A Huge OSRS NH Tribrid Tournament Upon The Release!

We are very excited to see you online!
~RevengePK Staff

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